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Re: Ellis Amdur's Post on Aikido Journal

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The subject of what I'VE been writing and curious about is exemplified by the following quote of Okamoto Seigo.
Kodo Horikawa Sensei used to say: "Once you reach a level such as yours, you become able to execute your own techniques based on what I have taught you. I didn't learn all the techniques I do now from Sokaku Takeda Sensei." Once you master a certain level and grasp the key points you become able to execute techniques of your own. Then these techniques of yours gradually sprout branches."
AND at a certain point, when one deviates enough from the source, one is required to rename it. (Ueshiba - aikido, Inoue - Shinei Taido, Mochizuchi - Yoseikan budo). Christ - Tomiki got in trouble with the aikido folks because he DIDN'T RENAME IT, given it was seen as "different enough"

A Jewish rant!! Oy!
Excellent and I agree. And I agree that he went on and made his own system. He did it with DR's aiki as he continued to train his body. Never said otherwse big fella.
But, enough already,

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