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Re: Ellis Amdur's Post on Aikido Journal

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Moot it is, then. So let's not have any more assertions about Takeda that can't be substantiated. If Tomiki showed up at Ueshiba's dojo already with some ki skills, then those skills were available from a number of sources in Ueshiba's Japan of those days. Today's Aikido is obviously not today's Daito Ryu, though, so the point is that we're discussing different arts.
Mike Sigman
So following your logic with Tomiki showing up.

Since Ueshiba had none and was literally crying when he met Takeda, in front of witnesses (no jin /kokyu and no Ki skills)
And showed up years later- with intent to open a dojo, he decided -on that day- after the culmination of his supposed "journey of the arts" to open the doors and teach..............? Daito Ryu.
His skills jumped again at Ayabe after Takeda joined him and his supposed secondary teacher was so impressed with what he saw takeda do with Aiki/ jin/ kokyu that he suggested he change the name of the art.
I don't necessarily care that he got it from DR or anywhere else...just that all logic says, he did.
Neither you, nor anyone else can "substantiate" anything other than that. So lets not have anymore of -your- assertions that can't be substantiated with affidavits and facts.

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