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Re: Ellis Amdur's Post on Aikido Journal

Ron Tisdale wrote: View Post
Hi Mark...I'm not sure one *does* do "his" aikido. You gotta put in the work, and do **your own**.

Maybe a little tangential to Ellis' article, but this question has been vexing me of late. Why is this so? Why only in aikido are you expected to come up with your own martial art right off the bat?

As I have started work in another martial art I have become more and more aware that you change to fit the art first, then you explore the art and only then do you come up with your art. (see Teaching Shu Ha Ri) Concurrently, I continue in aikido training with just this method. And yet this does not conform to my previous experience in aikido or the reported experience of others. The uncharitable conclusion is that there were kata and a training method to be had and only few thought they were important or that at some point they were consciously abandoned. But, if so, why?

As you can see from my choices in training I feel that this "aikido of one" approach, so to speak, is the wrong approach.

-Doug Walker
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