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Re: What technique would you apply to neutralize Brazilian Jujitsu attacker


As Ron, Don, and Budd said "evasion" is not going to get you out of trouble unless you are facing an over committed attack..
It does not mater if it is self defence or competition, if you face an opponent that strike whilst being in balance (IE within his own space), you need to destroy/compromise his structure before getting close to do anything meaning full to him.
Voiding alone will not give you that.
Voiding will only give the time and the place if and if only your opponent is over -committed.
This applies to weapon as well, in fact it is even more critical to weapon because double hit means double kill and that defeats the whole purpose of fencing so it does not make sense to "only evade" with or without a sword either.

Sure you can make someone over extend, we probably all had some why-the-hell-did-I-do-that-for moments when sparring. But I think you need to be very very good to produce that consistently. (And I believe some people are capable of that.)

As Keith said, is not so much at the technical level, sparing will give you two things (that can be replicated in randory/kokyu nague and parried practice), it is the sense of distance /timing and active resistance. There is no need for competition, or even sparing per see. From my experience sparing can not really tell you what does work but it will tell you what does not work. But I believe this is something we need to bear in mind when we train at least from time to time.


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