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Re: The Leather Man

Lee Salzman wrote: View Post
David, the question I was posing was whether the fascia really need to be fundamentally involved in the explanation of those phenomenon, and how they are trained? Not necessarily could fascia conceivably augment them, but rather, in an Occam's razor sense, is fascia necessary to explain them at all?
Without the fascia, the muscle would flop around loosely (assuming there was still a nerve fiber attached to it). And I do think that the fascial system enables the whole muscle system to share information (in a manner of speaking). So I do think we'd be leaving out a lot of important information to omit the fascia from the discussion.

Mike Sigman wrote:
Let me note again that one of my cautions is that this stuff has levels of skills and often people think that the level they're at is all there is to know so they use the buzzwords indiscriminately. I'd suggest that people take every expert's opinion and every "epiphany" with a grain of salt.
I have to agree with you there, Mike. I certainly don't think I know much about using fascia in martial arts. The feeling I have is of having opened the door to a huge warehouse where I can see thousands of displays on matters I'm very interested in, but I have not yet even walked into the room to start studying the exhibits.

Still, my recognition came with a sense that it would be very easy to go in the wrong direction in trying to develop the skills in question and that, without guidance, severe injury and lasting bad health could easily result.

Which, even more than not wanting the information to get into "the wrong hands," could be why the subject is not more openly explained in all the books that deal with it.

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