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Re: You might be an Aikido addict if ....

Jamie D. Ducusin wrote: View Post
Heh --- this is a lot like a little thing I posted to my AikiBlog not that long ago (my Sensei's contribution follows). I've removed the dojo-specific references, however...

This came about when, on my break at work yesterday, I
looked down and realized that I was walking around
holding my wallet and water bottle like I was gripping
a bokken. :-P

You know you're a hardcore Aikidoka when:

... -Sensei regularly slams the crap out of you.

- You actually want Sensei to slam the crap out of you.
.... you realize you have fun being thrown by Sensei and think back to this post.

.... if your class in another martial art lets out half an hour before your Aikido class ends, you drive to Aikido, sit in on the last five minutes, and get conscripted into helping put the mats up

... you wonder what the world is coming to because no on has added to this thread for three months.

.... you started this thread.
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