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Re: promotion test

Thank you so much for your replies to my message. Thank you, Maramba-sensei and others for your congratulations.
The dojo where I go and practice was opened five years ago in 2002 although the head dojo was established in 1969. We had the first shodan holder last November and since then until now six students have passed the shodan promotion test.
We have eight classes a week and most of the students in the adult group are working in the daytime, and senpai (senior) black-belt holders do not always attend the keiko (lesson/practice), or they attend classes that I don't attend or vice versa, which means often there are only white belts and brown belts who do not know how to put on the hakama.
To today's morning practice, one kuro-obi (black-belt) came earlier and he taught me how to do it, and now I think I can do it by myself.
By the way ten people came to today's morning practice starting at 6:30 a.m. and four of them were kuro-obi about which our Sensei looked very happy because he has brought us up always seeing ahead, and he is going to invite the head master (our sensei's sensei) to a party we are going to have at the end of August.
We will practice for one hour under the instructions by the head master and then will have the party at the dojo.
We had the same kind of party last summer and at that time there were only cha-obi(brown belts) and shiro-obi(white belts). But this time, there will be a big difference.
I will write about the promotion test at the site below.
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