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Re: The Leather Man

Ron Tisdale wrote: View Post
David, both Mike and Dan have posts archived on aikido journal, e-budo and probably here talking about the facial tissue stuff, the body suit, etc. It was one of the first things Mike talked to me about in email over 2 years ago.
Actually, there are archived posts on the old Neijia List with some of my commentaries from the early-mid 1990's. I can grab a couple pretty easily and I'll be happy to do it if it will help prod Dan into discussing his facts and his sources. I'm getting pretty clear indications that some of Dan's implied koryu sources don't acknowledge him, so the sources question (in light of his own claims) is important.

Incidentally, Dan may try to state that I'm "self-taught", but I'm not. I've had a number of bona fide teachers over a number of years and I'll be glad to name them, what I learned from them, etc., if Dan wants to do the same.

Recently Dan claimed to have been talking about the fascia aspect 10 years ago. I don't believe it. It's not discussed in any Japanese sources that I know of; what little there is is oral-transmission stuff and you have to do more than attend a few workshops to get that. I'd like to see a bona fide source. I'm getting kind of curious why Dan's vocabulary and buzzwords really seem so recent, so this would be a good way to support his contention that he's known and done the fascia stuff for 10 years, yet he indicated he's just trying to figure out the breath (fascia) stuff recently. This stuff is beginning to remind me of one of my old favorite books, "Dan of a Thousand Faces".

Best way to discuss all of these things? Lay out your cards. If you know how to do something, you can describe it well. Period. If you're just feeling your way around, you'll have fuzzy descriptions.

Someone wants to hide the fact that he's gotten a little information and is desperately trying to act like he has a lot... isn't that the very thing that got so many people into trouble in the first place in western m.a.'s? And isn't that the reason that the knowledge of these basics got so hindered in western martial arts?

Dan, your "I gotta keep the sacred secrets of my koryu" stuff doesn't fly and hasn't flown, with a number of people, for some time. If you want to discuss ki, kokyu, (fascia is an inextricable part of all that), then do so. Deal a card and quit just talking about what a great card-player you are.


Mike Sigman
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