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Re: The Leather Man

Gee, I just looked. No one has removed any of my posts with pictures, diagrams, instructions, etc. The closest thing I find to any "explanation" from you is more about doing exercises, but doesn't explain the mechanics of how the internal strength components work at all. Heck, I could teach in great detail how to do a Tai Chi form or push-hands and still never tell anyone how the internal strength components are done or developed. This isn't a very deep problem with your posts, Dan, that takes forever to figure out... you have not described how to do any aspect of internal strength. And your comments that I haven't shown anything are blatantly offset by the posts that are still available. Try arguing facts and assume that the reading audience is smarter than children, please.

But again you've posted and answered nothing. You indicate that people like David are years behind you, particularly in the breath/fascia work. Did you forget that it's only been a few months since you posted you were just looking into these things yourself? In less than 6 months you're telling people it will take them years to arrive near you. How does that work? And if it's true, BTW and once again, all you need to do is pick some area of the discussion and explain it clearly. See if you can put me on the spot, Dan.... but most of all, see if you can for once discuss the topic in a how to mode; don't confuse "here's an exercise we do" with "here's how the mechanics work".

All the Best.

Mike Sigman
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