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Well, there you go, then.... I'm not putting people down or listing great things I can do in posts, Dan, so it's pretty unclear what you're trying to say. I'd suggest though that a bigger number of people have watched your posts over the years and what you have to say about yourself than you think. Don't talk about you. Don't talk about me. Talk about how to do the issue. Notice how I keep suggesting this time and time again. The fact that you can't really do an intelligent commentary seems to be fairly well established.... ergo, my point that I was making seems to be justified: you are not in a position to tell other people how many years you are ahead of them, so it's rude and beside the point to do so.

So... again.... here's a great topic for you to give David a reply with some basics, just to show that you really know the subject. Let's see what you can do with it.


Mike Sigman
I have replied in the past and just recently was thanked for some of the tips- go find em. I continue to share in person.
While you're on to talking about personalities ...again. I will say you are steadfast in telling people they don't know and then insinuating you are ahead of them and can OK their information or their work. Calling me for doing the same things is just hilarious. Your just fly by the seat of your pants when you post dontcha? Other than historical background you have never once given out anything but hints, at rather simple, basic, information. By your own standards, we'll just assume that's all you're capable of.
Why don't you focus your attention and write something meangingful about how to's, to help people out instead of just once again going to personalities.
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