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Reading you is funnier than watching stand up, Mike.
You... would caution others about me?? You've been doing that for years now. Go for it! Here, let me help. "No one should call me, or come here, or ask me to show them anything. Go elsewhere.
As for me trying to "B.S my way into expertise?" Well thanks, Mike, But I think you sling enough B.S. to cover any 100 martial artists. Only one of us has videos, articles, seminars, thousands of posts. They speak volumes about both your intentions and your ego.
I've said it before I'll say it again "Everyone can go wherever they want and train with anyone they can and make up their own minds.

It's always interesting to see you engage in so many personal attacks, while you cry foul at the slightest hint others aim your way.. Many have gotten wise to your baiting and inconsistencies.

Here's your own advice-just now given to David- which I'll address to you.
"How about if you still don't quite understand, but you're trying to fault what I've said in the past based on your .... understanding? Consider all sides of it. No, no.... better yet, insult me into giving you information; that always works. Not.

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