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David Orange wrote: View Post
Hey, I'm just going by the way you explain what you're doing. It's never been really clear.
To you. Some things have been clear to other people; you don't represent the consensus of views on this or any other forum.
I just finally noticed the distinction between the muscle sensation and the fascial sensation. I never thought of it as a separate complete system. You obviously have, but why didn't you mention some of the things I posted above?
I posted some pretty important information (well, my *opinion* of what is important, anyway) for people trying to find out the best way to get started and the general perspective that helps in the startup. What do you want? A textbook suited to you personally? My apologies that I haven't given enough, in your opinion. Sorry I didn't do it the way you wanted me to. And thanks for the thanks.
Major things such as the live sensitivity of the entire fascial system and its ability to know instantly as a whole system? Your illustration of the inflatable suit was less than approximate. So I wonder if you've been posting to "share" or to "hint at" things. Or to goad people into mentioning something you've been looking for.
How about if you still don't quite understand, but you're trying to fault what I've said in the past based on your current, incomplete understanding? Consider all sides of it. No, no.... better yet, insult me into giving you information; that always works. Not.
Well, first things first: what happened to Peter Lim? Second, I don't think that my clue is far more intelligent than your years of practice, but if what you're really trying to do is "share," I'd think you would just make it plain what you're talking about.
Sorry my contributions, which you've ignored in the past, now don't quite meet your expectations, David. Good luck in finding people to show you things using your rather unique approach. You'll find that you get just what you pay for.
What are you here for?
Er........ to please you and Mochizuki?


Mike Sigman
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