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That was kind a' wierd man.
You don't know how I train.
I show people things at their level- not my own. I discuss my own training with only a few of my own people.
You don't know how Ark trains
The video's are surface material for others
You don't know how Mike trains either
He doesn't say squat about his own regimen.

I'm glad you read about fascia and fascial sheeting. But in all honesty..Knowing about it won't get you anywhere. With the right kind of instruction I'll see ya in 5 years, maybe, juuuust maybe you'll have a little something. Without it, you'll be right back here ..talking...about fascia.
Personally, other then laying out a roadmap, I don't talk about it much at the beginning. Steps and progression, steps and progression. And the "winding" I talk about is on different levels. Without starting one, you'll never get to the other. One, method-while being internal- is not so internal as the other. And some winding I've seen is no more internal than dance, pilates or gyrotonics. Which while being good for some things...aint gonna get you anywhere martially.
I am confused why you say it has never been brought up. Its been brought up many, many, times. I don't wan't to interfere with your love fest with Mike, But Mike has brought it up countless times. Its very wierd to hear you ask why he hasn't brought it up. I've made a few posts about it as well and talked about some of the aspects of it as a whole body distribution system. Where -you- been bud?

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