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Re: Reeling Silk Verbatim

Jennifer Smith wrote: View Post
I did post it to introduce and talk about my 'old' friend and I felt really good about introducing him to my 'new' friends here on aikiweb. So far the reception and manners have been very rude and I am reluctant to recommend or invite anyone new to view or participate in our 'community' after the way our last 'viewing' friends were handled
Maybe if instead of diverting the topic to how rude someone is who doesn't buy your unsupported perspective/assertions, you should find the common thread of reference, establish your expertise through your posts, and then move on from there. There might be people who would argue that someone making New Age assertions on every post they enter is actually "rude", but why should we all discuss our individual categorizations of who is rude and who is acceptable?

I think a "My Pal Jim" post is probably fine on one of the "open" or "off topic" forums, but it's probably misplaced on a martial traditions forum. Perhaps if you just moved it, without generally painting anyone who disagrees with you as being "rude"? Then maybe, since you claim to already know and do this ki stuff, you could lay out some of what you functionally know (unless of course, you are sworn to secrecy in some 'koryu' even though the people in the koryu you mention happen to deny your membership, etc.)? If you look at many, many instances on the AW forum, you'll see that the first event that happens when a would-be expert gets questioned too closely about facts relating to ki/kokyu skills is that they begin to call other people "rude", etc. In other words, it's an overused trope. We all have perceptions of other people; the trick is to stick to facts and win debate through our cards and not our feelings.


Mike Sigman
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