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Re: Reeling Silk Verbatim

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Jen (hope that's Ok)
I've no trouble with folks of faith, whether or not I agree with what they believe -isn't the point. But if we are supposed to be talking physical aspects of martial skill or power generation through hard work, then read metaphysical aspects that are supposed to produce the same or better results.....then I get really fussy, really fast, about who I am talking too and what they are stating. Men who can produce unusual power and present Aiki in a real way usually are talkng about very similar methods to get there. I've even had the pleasure of some who didn't use the same language I do- but the work was instantly recognizable in touch and feel.

As I said earlier , after reading the article I saw nothing in the discussion to be of any real worth to this supposed "work discussion." I cannot count "wind blowing from 50' away" as anything of value. Further, I specifically denounce it as a false teaching for anything relating to martial power. I see it as a belief thing.

If a Carlos thread gets started, maybe you'd want to start a new thread under metaphysical power generation through no-touch projection or some such thing. Otherwise the whole thread was just either off-topic, or mislabeled from the start.
I don't mean that as a negative. Other than a "Hi, this is my friend Jim and his budo studies"-I just didn't understand the point of it at all.
Hi Dan,
I did post it to introduce and talk about my 'old' friend and I felt really good about introducing him to my 'new' friends here on aikiweb. So far the reception and manners have been very rude and I am reluctant to recommend or invite anyone new to view or participate in our 'community' after the way our last 'viewing' friends were handled (yes, they were watching this thread). We're not very good hosts and that is a poor reflection on our training.
We're too selfish to be kind, and as a stranger said to me in a bar the other day, "Aikido people have a really big chip on their shoulder." I think he's right and I'm ashamed.

The thread was borrowed by others who wished to talk about Carlos Castaneda; perhaps your suggestion for content could be directed at them.

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