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Re: What technique would you apply to neutralize Brazilian Jujitsu attacker

Dalen Johnson wrote: View Post
Can Aikido beat BJJ?
Can my sandan beat your sandan?

But seriously, this type of thread goes in circles because everything isnt that cut and dry. What is aikido? - as if everyone even practices the same style of aikido...and aikido came out of another art, and the same with BJJ, etc. (evolution my friends)

So, my 3rd dan and 4th dan could probably beat most peoples dans and BJJs as well. And as I move up, I will to.

Its all Ego my friends, labels. You cant grow or be 'master' with making an identity out of the sport you train.


Thats what happens with us.
We have ground training involved - suppose it has to do with our 4th dan (Imre Marton of Hungary) is also a black belt in Judo - as well as a black belt in a couple other arts that actually involve things trickle down.

So again, our aikido is not stagnant and is evolving and incorporating life applications. I saw someone say they were happy to practice tanto dori now that they are shodan - nice, but Im no kyu and Im already practicing that.

Point simple - 'aikido' cant beat BJJ, etc. - the argument can continue to go in circles on the base level.
Adaptation, and skill, and yes, strength (sure doesnt hurt when someone skilled like you is facing you) go a long way.

And of all people, I would think most of you would realize this.
You guys know of MMA, JeetKundo concepts. We already know one art cant do it all.

Imagine BJJ crawling on the ground like some animal waiting for you to fall. Of course they will do something that isnt ground technique to hope to get you down - and they cross train - dont they

So when we drop the 'my art' is 'it' we wont have these type threads that keep popping up.

In this modern age with so much technology, ideas, techniques available to us...martial arts has evolved. Let us not forget that the military learns how to just eliminate the fight before they are on the ground wrestling - they kill the opponent.

So the above puts to rest quite quickly all the ego talk of who is the best...if there were no rules, the military techniques would win...but someone would be badly injured or killed.

It life, have fun...enjoy your ikkyos if your an aikido or your rolling on the ground if you BJJ, or you bloody noses if your a boxer.


The US army uses combatives based of bjj and a few other sport based arts. That's if the shooting and stabbing fail of course.

- Don
"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough" - Albert Einstein
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