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Originally posted by George S. Ledyard
Snipped stuff on making money.
From my own perspective, I'm fine with instructors making money. I wish more could do this stuff full-time and all the more power to Billy Blanks. I hope my posts did not contradict that point of view.

The reason I added money into the equation with Mr. Dillman is that someone who can genuinely do what he claims to be doing, and more importantly for the reasons being claimed here, ought to be making a hell of a lot more money than he is. He needs a better marketing plan.

You don't run around doing seminars, you run around collecting Nobel prizes when you can do this kind of thing. Actually using Chi, as it's taught and explained is REVOLUTIONARY and that word needs to be several sizes larger to drive home how REVOLUTIONARY it is. You provide documented proof of repeatable pressure point KO's due to pressure point interaction, and no other means, on the scale he does, and you will have scientist's beating your door down. We won't need Bruce to extoll the virtues of it, it will be front page news.
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