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promotion test

I took the promotion test for shodan on July 15th and passed it! My teacher gave me the hakama and black belt on Tuesday in the dojo. I thought that I could put the black belt on instead of my old brown belt right there, so I just put on my dogi (practice wear) without wearing my old brown belt, and went toward him, holding the front part of the dogi with my hand.
Seeing me, Sensi instantly said, "You have to wear the brown belt. I will give the black belt here to you and then you can change your old one for it." I was such a fool. I hurried back to behind the curtain where we change clothes and put on my brown belt. Then again I went to him sitting on the tatami in the dojo.
I sat on my knees and bowed to him, and he gave me the hakama and the black belt, he saying "Omedeto-gozaimasu." and me saying "Arigato-gozaimasu." He said, "I would like to give them to you in front of the other students to share the happiness, but instead by seeing you practicing wearing hakama, we can celebrate your promotion together."
"The certificate will be given to you in front of the others."
I didn't know how to put on hakama, so our sensei helped me tie the bands here and there. It was a little complicated and I couldn't remember how to do it again later at home. Today I am going to go to the dojo a little earlier to ask for help from our sensei.
It took me four years and ten months to get shodan, starting with the 7th kyu.
Now at least two years of practice is required to take the next test for nidan (second dan). I am looking forward to practicing new techniques such as tanto-dori (techniques against a knife or a short sword) and sword techniques.
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