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Hi Ledyard Sensei,

I appologise if it seemed like I was saying those who don't teach for a salary were better than those that do, because that certainly was not my intent . I was replying to Bruce's statement that Aikido instructors were just in it for the money and that was why they didn't want to believe as he did.

Obviously (since you know my instructors past and present) it is easier to not take a salary from teaching when there are enough teachers around to share the teaching so each can retain a 'day job'. I have never had a sensei who didn't work at something else besides, and am impressed with those who can make a living by teaching alone. That certainly says a lot for their Aikido. Similarly, the fact that a sensei has a day job doesn't mean he isn't as good as the one who exclusively teaches for a living. To me they are both ways of someone sharing their Aikido with me, and I win either way.

Again, sir, my appologies.
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