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Originally posted by ca
My current dojo charges dues only to pay rent, electricity, etc., none of the teachers are salaried. My last one was the same, and since there was an associated college class, the teachers were paid by the university to teach it. They donated that salary to the club. No one is making money on this website. There are plenty of Aikido venues that are non profit. The fact that they do not promote this person who charged you a few hundred dollars for his books and tapes does not mean they are malicious. It means they don't believe.

You do. We get that. I am happy you have something that interests you. You are also enrolled somewhere in an Aikido dojo. Why not take up this line of questioning/seeking with your sensei? You can continue to announce that those who don't agree with you are ignorant, but that is not winning any friends here. Me, I'm a beginner who probably is ignorant about MA (about anatomy and physiology I think I have nothing to fear from you). But a lot of people you've been talking to have a LOT of MA experience, and others who read this know that. So when you call them ignorant, you lose credibility with more than just that one person.
Just an aside. I get a bit defensive when folks start talking as if by showing how they don't make any money, that they in fact are giving their money away they are somehow more credible. I say this because I am a professional instructor. I work my buns off trying to be the best instructor I can be but I definitely need to survive. Even with the money I make through teaching at my own dojo and the small number of seminars I get invited to do I still need to work at several other part time occupations (mostly doing police DT training and even working part time as a private investigator) just to get by.

My hats off to those folks who have figured out how to make a real living doing something they love like this. People whine about Billy Blanks but I think it's just sour grapes. He was the first guy to realize that there were thousands of people out there who would like to do the martial arts without the martial. Wonderful! George Dillman found a handle that appealed to many martial artists. He put it into package form and sold it. Now he's doing fine! Does that inherently detract from the value of what he has done. No. His stuff is fine. I have been meaning to work on the pressure point stuff myself for some time. I have several of his books but haven't had time to work through them in detail.

At some point I intend to put some of the stuff I have been teaching into video form. I will do this for two reasons. First, I want there to be some record out there in Aikido land of the things we have worked out in our dojo that I think would be of use to Aikido folks in the world at large. I won't be around forever and it would be nice if folks could take up where I have left off rather than having to reinvent the wheel next time around. (Guess I am getting self conscious about turning fifty) Second, I need to find a way to get my website to be a profit cenetr so that I am under less financial pressure. Are these incompatible? I don't think so. If my stuff is good people will buy my videos. I support myself and they benefit from the teaching. Everybody is happy. Dillman is the same. His stuff is fine, very useful to know, very valuable for any Aikidoka who wants to take the time to master the principles. He has done tons of work perfecting his "package" and he deserves to benefit from that. I don't think that detracts from the value it has for us as Aikido students. On the other hand most of us know better than to be the "True Believers" that our original poster seems to be. You almost always get burned in the end.

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