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Re: Reeling Silk Verbatim

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There is a common misperception that if one (I) has a metaphysical sounding thing to say that they don't get their hands dirty. It is only from getting my hands dirty that I ever even began to consider 'metaphysics'. Not the other way around.
Jen (hope that's Ok)
I've no trouble with folks of faith, whether or not I agree with what they believe -isn't the point. But if we are supposed to be talking physical aspects of martial skill or power generation through hard work, then read metaphysical aspects that are supposed to produce the same or better results.....then I get really fussy, really fast, about who I am talking too and what they are stating. Men who can produce unusual power and present Aiki in a real way usually are talkng about very similar methods to get there. I've even had the pleasure of some who didn't use the same language I do- but the work was instantly recognizable in touch and feel.

As I said earlier , after reading the article I saw nothing in the discussion to be of any real worth to this supposed "work discussion." I cannot count "wind blowing from 50' away" as anything of value. Further, I specifically denounce it as a false teaching for anything relating to martial power. I see it as a belief thing.

Jennifer Smith wrote: View Post
But it isn't a mis-conception among those who work hard daily, like my friends here, who are not intellectuals, not students, not computer kids. They are working class people who have a lot to say, in a simple way, about how things work, and it comes from work itself. The people you are talking about are tantamount to 'the white man' in an Indian motif. Culture stealers for the worse.

I know there are a lot of dip-shits out there prancing around in their gauzy linens, chanting to the universe in a virtual kumbya, and wishing for world harmony in the front seat of their Audi 's, but that isn't us. And it isn't me, for sure. We are working people who roll up our sleeves and are impelled to preserve our lives in the face of passive-aggressive colonialization by the very people who you are mistaking us for. What I could say with utter conviction, is I am/we are natives fighting for our way of life. We use martial arts as our tool and we put ourselves in it's service out of gratitude.

There is a forgotten lot of people in the world. They are the natives whose culture has, and is, being stolen by assholes like the people you described above.
I'm one of the natives. And so is Jim. And given what you've said in this and other posts, I'm pretty sure you guys would like each other.

Thanks for the ear to bend.
Uhm...OK. I like the sound of all of that-actually It sounds great and lets me know more of your views, and goals. I am hearing you that you "work for it" and are sweating and training hard. So are thousands of others. But it doesn't help this discussion any. In the article there was no silk reeling discussed -as in the title of your thread-, nor was there really anything of the more basic work needed being discussed either. I don't really know why you posted it at all other than to talk about your friend and his training..

If a Carlos thread gets started, maybe you'd want to start a new thread under metaphysical power generation through no-touch projection or some such thing. Otherwise the whole thread was just either off-topic, or mislabeled from the start.
I don't mean that as a negative. Other than a "Hi, this is my friend Jim and his budo studies"-I just didn't understand the point of it at all.

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