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Re: Reeling Silk Verbatim

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Well I wasn't really being serious. Group hynosis with people feeling wind go by them from 50' away is well in keeping with these shamanistic, energy exchange, gentle people gatherings. I tend to leave them alone, walk away and not talk to them about it. Everyone can "believe" what they want to believe.
Why do they juu...ust have to start with their martially "effective" comparisons. If I had a nickel for everytime some incompetent said "So, did ya feel that" after me feeling not a thing from some thing or other they tried to do to me....sigh.
And mores the point, where in hell did silk reeling ever appear in that little bio? I read it twice to see if I missed something....
I'm well on trac with mental imagery in physical training, But hard, sweaty work, should produce concrete results- I suspect it's always been that way. The physical results of work needs no cooperation to believe it..
It still is that way. It has to be for me to even consider it worthy in the first place. There is a common misperception that if one (I) has a metaphysical sounding thing to say that they don't get their hands dirty. It is only from getting my hands dirty that I ever even began to consider 'metaphysics'. Not the other way around. Just like I didn't come to aikido to learn to fight. I came to tame the passions that led me to kick ass in the first place.

But it isn't a mis-conception among those who work hard daily, like my friends here, who are not intellectuals, not students, not computer kids. They are working class people who have a lot to say, in a simple way, about how things work, and it comes from work itself. The people you are talking about are tantamount to 'the white man' in an Indian motif. Culture stealers for the worse.

I know there are a lot of dip-shits out there prancing around in their gauzy linens, chanting to the universe in a virtual kumbya, and wishing for world harmony in the front seat of their Audi 's, but that isn't us. And it isn't me, for sure. We are working people who roll up our sleeves and are impelled to preserve our lives in the face of passive-aggressive colonialization by the very people who you are mistaking us for. What I could say with utter conviction, is I am/we are natives fighting for our way of life. We use martial arts as our tool and we put ourselves in it's service out of gratitude.

There is a forgotten lot of people in the world. They are the natives whose culture has, and is, being stolen by assholes like the people you described above.

I'm one of the natives. And so is Jim. And given what you've said in this and other posts, I'm pretty sure you guys would like each other.

Thanks for the ear to bend.

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