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Drew Mailman
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Re: Starting Aikido, any tips hints or other types of advice.

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Once you start don't ever stop.
^^ That's the most important thing about training : don't stop. If you ever want to get anywhere, don't stop.

Don't blow off training so you can hang out with friends (but make sure you keep your friends). Don't skip training because you're "kind of tired" or you feel "kind of cruddy" or it's "too hot". Training always fixes those "ailments", plus learning to focus through mild discomfort will help with your focus overall. And it's always satisfying to peel off a gi that has five pounds of sweat soaked into it.

If you're going to miss one class, don't miss the next class. If you're going to miss a week of class, don't miss the next week. If you're going to miss a month of class, don't miss the next month. If you're going to miss ANY class, make sure you do your basic stretches/warmups, rolls (if you have the space), footwork exercises, bokken exercises, or even walk though your techniques without a partner. The last thing you ever, ever want is to miss a week, or a month, or longer, because it's hard to get back into it when you're just starting.

Stay consistent, and all of your sweat and pain will be well worth it. Inconsistency results in frustration and possible injury.

Oh, and where in Kansas are you originally from? I live in Wichita.
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