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Re: Understanding fascia and tensegrity

Mike Sigman wrote: View Post
"Not wanting to", like in avoiding every direct question I've ever asked, would be one way to try to mask "not being able, to", as well. However, that's another tangent. The point is that you seem unable to answer direct questions about simple procedures even when you introduce the topic with your own assertions. You make assertions. Questions are asked. There's never an answer of substance.
Sure, Mike. My posts are never about substance. Do you review what you write? I bet you're more of a "seat-o-your-pants" kinda guy aren't ya now?
As for technical information and internet teaching?
Mean like this, Mike?

"Rob you lure them while I spank their bums."....Mike Sigman
"It has to be felt".... Mike Sigman
"It's too complicated to discsuss here....Mike Sigman
Or the ditty you gave about "drawing in through the dantien and then relaxing?" ...(which is piss poor information)
Then saying ......."Go find a teacher".....Mike Sigman

Unlike you I don't "pretend" to teach on the internet, it's a waste of time. I don't even claim to teach in the first place. If you wish to assert "Dan doesn't know anything, and is unable to answer technical questions." Knock yourself out. You're the one who's angry and all frustrated about it and keeps bringin it up. In light of your own posting's- your argument carries little weight.

Mike Sigman wrote: View Post
OK, this one should be fairly easy for you... what the hell are you talking about? Once again you make veiled assertions and no one can tell what you're talking about. What questions are you talking about and when..... and why is this diversion to a vague "you couldn't answer a question" an answer to the question I asked? Only a child responds like that.
Yes Mike I'm a child, thanks. Here's a better more thoughtful approach for ya. Learn to deal with frustration or confontation in a more productive manner. It benefits all.
And -I- didn't say no one, Mike-you did. There ya go again blowing things out of proportion, constructing arguments, and ranting away..I referred to the posts I pulled on Aikido Journal which you gave me a hard time for, They were questions involving historical connections from one DR school to the next to Ueshiba, and had a few pointed questions about internal skills "used in the art." You were unabe to address the former due to lack of knowledge and you were unabe to address the later for the same cause. And you are right I've also pulled many replies in heated discusion on E-budo and left "deleted" behind and been thanked for it by those that count, as it doesn't further a discussion to argue. And I'd do it again. I won't apologize for that to you.

Mike Sigman wrote: View Post
Or goes quiet. Or changes the subject to a personal discussion. Etc. . BS. You make wide and general assertions, on your own, you're asked questions in response to your assertions and you try to flip to a personal discussion when you're called on it. No Dan.... if you don't want people to ask questions on a public list, then don't make general assertions. You're absolutely FAMOUS for dodging questions to your own assertions with BS about "koryu" and "secrets". Not famous... "NOTORIOUS". Thanks for making my point for me. But you did that in your last post, as well.
Sigh.. I never "flip" conversations to a personal one. With you I simply choose to answer your insults directly.
As for the rest I answer what I want, when I want, and make no apologies. Most Budo folk are intelligent enough to know how to pursue information. And I seem to get along just fine.
As for Koryu, everyone here is very well versed in your "Koryu is B.S." lines. Thanks.

This isn't productive if you wish to discuss all my shortcomings do so in P.M. I'm much more versed in them than you are. I'm sure I can get others to help you. This thread has a topic- it isn't you...or me.

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