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Re: Understanding fascia and tensegrity

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Zinger #1Not wanting to answer you is quite different from not being able to answer.
"Not wanting to", like in avoiding every direct question I've ever asked, would be one way to try to mask "not being able, to", as well. However, that's another tangent. The point is that you seem unable to answer direct questions about simple procedures even when you introduce the topic with your own assertions. You make assertions. Questions are asked. There's never an answer of substance.
Zinger #2 I pulled those posts after asking 12 basic questions with (I think) 9 tangient yet related ones. All of those based off of Three very pointed ones that neither you Mark Jacobson or Ellis could answer. Ellis was very direct and polite and said he couldn't answer them. I then listened to you and Mark run all around the points you simply were not able to address. After asking you to answer them repeatedly, then after a different tact of asking you to consider their meaning in the discussion I got to watch you side-step back to your own agenda. It was pointless to pursue that line of discussion you guys simply weren't interested in or were unable to answer and clearly were interested in going else where with it.
OK, this one should be fairly easy for you... what the hell are you talking about? Once again you make veiled assertions and no one can tell what you're talking about. What questions are you talking about and when..... and why is this diversion to a vague "you couldn't answer a question" an answer to the question I asked? Only a child responds like that. Or goes quiet. Or changes the subject to a personal discussion. Etc.
So far in these three threads you have -by intent- brought up posts by me, and your opinion of me from 1 to 2 years ago-then get all sensitive on me about personal commentary back at ya. Stay off making your ever ready slights and digs at me, and you won't see me have to address them in kind. Or not....
. BS. You make wide and general assertions, on your own, you're asked questions in response to your assertions and you try to flip to a personal discussion when you're called on it.
Better yet, don't talk to me at all. It's never condusive to moving a discusion forward anyway.
No Dan.... if you don't want people to ask questions on a public list, then don't make general assertions. You're absolutely FAMOUS for dodging questions to your own assertions with BS about "koryu" and "secrets". Not famous... "NOTORIOUS".

Hmm... I directly answered Al. Just where do -you- come in?
And where did I say "this stuff is only for those in DR?"__________ I said what I meant. Here's a novel idea, Mike. Instead of misconstruing things and talking the wrong meaning, A-S-K for clarification.
AL said [/]Based on my own experiences training and talking with a Daito-ryu practitioner, I think most of what you're describing sounds very much like Daito Ryu 101.[/i]
To which I said
Let me think. I've only been saying that for... oh I dunno... 12 years. Where do ya think I got it from?

The real issue is
a. Finding those who can -actually- do it.
b. Finding those who will -actually- teach you -HOW- to do it.
c. Learning how to actually use it -freestyle- against everyone and anyone-outside.... of Daito ryu

Have fun.[/i]
Thanks for making my point for me. But you did that in your last post, as well.

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