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Re: What technique would you apply to neutralize Brazilian Jujitsu attacker

Yeap I agree with budd here, even if I am not to sure about the backward break fall. They usually transition to side control to set up a mount as you are being tipped over. But may be if you are in front of the technique…. (I never tried, and I am not sure I am good enough to pull it off)

It just occurred to me that may be that Keith Lee was thinking of kaiten when the guy is quite far away from us. To do that one our opponent needs to mess up. (ie shooting from too far) so I think I can see where Keith is coming from

I think Budd and I are talking when the head of this opponent is much closer to us.
If you have the head as for a normal kaiten throw, there is not that much he can do SLT BLT wise (and it make getting the arm easier), So even if can not get the arm there is still a few options, as we still have the head (like pile driving it onto the mat and putting your knee onto his neck)

In any case the kaiten is more like the kaiten knife defense, it leads “easily” to a nikkio sankkio pin (the one with one knee on the shoulder).

Again as Budd said, a good shooter is difficult to stop, usually because he will create a situation he has a good opportunity anb we have a small opportunity to defend.
On thing that I find very smart about shot is that even, if we are on posture and resist the initial impact, our side is realy realy easy to access, so it is very easy for himto turn the line of action of the shoot by 90 degrees, which give access to the unstable side of any bipedal posture.


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