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Bruce, you were right about the notes. I stand corrected but really, does it matter?

Time for a story. It's an old story and it's been told many times in many different forms.

The story begins in one of two ways with our hero:

1. Discovering the ancient art of Vesuvian Dove Tickling while visiting a Peruvian monestary.

2. Doing cutting-edge scientific research into <insert disease or technology of choice> where he discovers a new method of treating said disease.

Our hero realizes that this knowledge must be taken public and for the good of the world he does so. For only $14.95 ($34.95 in Mr. Dillman's case) at Borders, $99.00 for a Dove Tickling seminar (if it's a product then it's 49.95 in 3 easy payments) you too can share in the goodness.

Naturally, our hero's books and seminars are filled with anecdotal tales and maybe even some studies. Words like controls or double blind are not found anywhere in the research. The scientific community scoffs at the research and the concept but that's because the research is either too cutting edge or it's a conspiracy of your choice. Naturally, no one, other than the scientists, considers just what qualifies as good research.

Our hero continues along earning a relative pittance compared to what he would be earning had he actually been able to cure cancer, the common cold or help your car get an additional 10 mpg. Eventually, our hero fades away, but don't fear, for he'll soon return with a new body, a new voice and a slightly different song.

For what it's worth, I took the above story, more or less, from a very well-known diet author but I could have taken it from a thousand other sources. If I seem skeptical, perhaps this would explain why.

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