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Re: 6th kyu

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As I was browsing through the kyu grades on the Aikikai Hombu dojo I noticed that they do not have sixth kyu.

Are there any 'rules' on this? I have 6th kyu in my requirements.

What is your opinion about the 6th kyu?

Depends...some systems follow the u.s.a.f.'s route - which start at 5th. (well, they may or may not have a 6th...but it appears that it would be automatically given and not really a level per say that you test for.)

At my dojo we have 6 levels also. And as well we have a totally different system of requirements than the u.s.a.f.'s (which even the guy that showed his test from Morocco follows - again, not the sytstem I am in but the U.S.A.F. system)

I actually have taken the two system requirements and combined them together as they are vastly different.

Whats kind of strange to, from what I have seen, is how long it takes people to reach shodan. My instructor has been doing aikido about 10 years and is still 1kyu. I dont think its the system itself - but the lack of opportunity to fullfil the required practice days as hes not able to train regularly with a sensai. - but we have 2nd kyus that have trained about 7 years, etc. - so I guess I would be a grandpa by the time I grade in this system.

They are actually holding test today/tomorrow at our dojo (we had a 4 day seminar/camp, and I am sore eveywhere...guess it shows you how out of shape I am - but anyway.)

I would be intersted if your testing system is similar to mine.

For 6th Kyu we have to know the following:

Ai Hanmi Katate Tori: Irimi Nage, Shiho Nage, Kote GAeshi, Uchikaiten Nage
Gyaku Hanmi Katate Tori: Kokyuho

Shomenuchi: Irimi Nage

Katame Waza: Ai Hanmi Katate Tori: Ikkyo, Nikyo, Sankyo

As well as know the 4 principles from Koichi Tohei (we are not ki- aikido however)
Basic stances: Shizentai, Hidari Kama, Migi Kamae
Basic steps: Irimi, Tai Sabaki, Ushiro Tenkan, Kaiten Ashi
Ukemi: Ushiro Ukemi, Mae Uekemi

Well the best to you in your studies...



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