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Re: What technique would you apply to neutralize Brazilian Jujitsu attacker

4 years ago i saw a technique used by a friend of mine before i started aikido, against 2 rugby players trying to tackle him AND the same tehcnique on a another firend who is a bjj who tried a single leg take down.

i only learnt what that move was since starting aikido.

BUT he also taught us (rugby players) how to avoid being smashed out of a ruck in rugby by applying the same principle.

The technique was kaiten nage.

When we attempted to tackle him he stepped swiftly accross into the forearm with his hip and turn with us. We'd become a gate where he was the hinge. He always made sure there our shoulder went past him. If he was hit him with our shoulder he was toast. But if he made contact with the forarm there's not a lot of strength there to hold your own body weight with.

When he used kaiten nage he used the same movement but instead of contact with the hip, he'd extend catch the arm coming toward his hip, and raise it to his center as he rotated. Our own momentum sent us flyiing. (none of us at the time knew how to take ukemi by the way).

I believe if u wre as good as my friend at kaiten nage and applying it in this situation THIS could be good agianst a take down?
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