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Re: Understanding fascia and tensegrity

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Ermmmm..... so why were you going to some Taiji dude like Wang Hai Jun for information then, Dan? I'm not sure how you can take "my style" positions about Daito Ryu on an Aikido forum when you've been beating the bushes in other styles for information. Frankly, having met a few people who do Daito Ryu, I'm not comfortable with the assertion that the ki/qi skills are typical "Daito Ryu 101". If it was, I think it would have been clearer, sooner.


Mike Sigman
Why do you paint everything in such a lousy, smarmy light?
Some taiji dude? Gees, Mike Knock it off already.

What I have been doing is called research. Good, bad, or indifferent. As for DR?
DR is about as different as you can get depending on the school/style/ and the teacher student relationship.

FWIW, Frankly I think you referring to anything as "taiji" has no merit what-so-ever if I based it on the students -I- have met in several venues. The only difference being that while ...I... understand there is a difference between students and teachers (and you do too, Mike)... I don't use it conveniently to beret others and make cheap-shots on the net.
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