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Exclamation Pressure points etc

Originally posted by Bruce Baker
I am tired of being mugged, verbally ...

Then quit flogging that dead horse. You keep raising points for which you can provide no real verification or backing. You continue to deride folks for not choosing to opt intto your point of view. You maintain an unfaltering stance of belief in things that are largely matters of faith at best and utter charlatanry at worst.

... are valid with this thought, then consider being more tolerant ... grown up.)

Bruce, folks have been more than tolerant, and apparently you are simply taking advantage of that.

As for Pressure points working or not

Pressure points work. No argument. Pressure points don't work like you want them to.

There is no Dim Mak. Valid, real-world research has shown that pressure points don't affect the human body the way certain groups would have us believe they do.

That dog, as my grandpa used to say, just don't hunt.

I have laid upon the table a choice for all to enlighten your knowledge and Aikido practice, as it has mine.

So, in that vein, tell us how you've applied this once-secret knowledge in your aikido.

And tell us what your teacher thinks of a relative beginner adding things to an art he has barely experienced yet ...

Consider ... nearly every teacher of Aikido tries or does another MA, why go some where else if everything is in one Art? (It isn't.)

Some to enhance what they see as shortcomings, to explore the overlaps, to experience the similarities and the differences, some because they like the variety.


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