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Somehow I'm getting the feel that this is going rather Bruce vs. restoftheguys AND what's the funniest seems that it's Bruce's

"Guys! Do what You want!"

vs. the others'

"No! We want to do what we want!"

So it's starting to become pretty POINTless not as was the original Bruce's meaning about adding more POINTS to the whole thing.

Anyone has the freedom to study quite whatever he or she wants. Very . Right? End of discussion...?

There are as many Aikido styles as there are Aikido practioners... if someone wants to implement presssure points more densely into their Aikido and it fits well (it does I think) under the Aikido principles and ideas then fine...

I anyhow and this is only MY personal opinion not any big statement want to get the basics of what my sensei teaches me (pressure points not included specifically) and then one day when I'm definitely over shodan (if that day shall ever come ) I will maybe add pressure point studies (and many other things as well).

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