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Re: SAA Regional Seminar - Laredo, Texas, 8/25

Hello Mark, I hope you are doing well, it's been a few years since we shared a mat. I may get the chance to study with you again at the weapons seminar that you will be conducting for the Society of Aikido Centers in Dallas (Plano), Texas.

As you are well aware, my previous ranks came from Bill Sosa Sensei (may he rest in peace) and Lynn Fabia Sensei (whom you have had teach at your yearly anniversary seminar the past few years). I am sure that she can answer any concerns regarding my previously earned ranks or the ranks that were awarded to Eliseo Munoz Sensei.

Our group of dojos from South Texas and Mexico have all become members of the Aikikai in the past year and Jorge Garcia Sensei has answered the question that I believe you have posted as far as our aikikai ranks.

After Sosa Sensei's death we evaluated the aikido available to us in the South Texas and Gulf Texas area. We have chosen to follow the teachings of Hiroshi Kato Shihan of the Suginami Aikikai and have joined the Shudokan Aikido Association - which is a Texas Corporation with a not-for-profit status. This group of dojos are all member dojos of the Suginami Aikikai of Tokyo Japan. Munoz Sensei and I petitioned Kato Sensei to accept us as his personal students after attending a wonderful seminar in Houston, Texas. (Kato Sensei accepted us)

My posting on aikiweb is to let aikido folks from our organization and anyone else in South Texas or Northern Mexico interested in training with us to attend the seminar in Laredo, Texas. Our seminars focus on the teachings of Kato Sensei and are conducted primarily in the Spanish language.

Hope to see you soon and get some further training with you.

In Aiki,

Joe Cavazos
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