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Re: Saito Sensei 1964 22 kata?

Jakob Blomquist wrote: View Post
I believe that's similar to what Saito sensei did in the second form. Just a lengthy flow of alot of the single sequences he remembered O-sensei used to do.
It's interesting to view Tohei sensei do something similar as well.
Tohei sensei formulated, in a similar way like Saito sensei did, a kata not very unlike the 31 kata, but with a slightly different count and with some other sequences in and some not. This was called 22 kata.
Tohei Sensei attributes the first 22 count jo kata to O-sensei. This 22 count is a rhythm count whereas the Iwama 31 count jo kata is a movement count. In places the 22 count has one count for several movements that are each counted in the 31. There are differences (hand grip, particular kamae, or strike) probably reflecting that O-sensei use of this movements was more variable (highly likely given what's been written), but these kata are essentially the same kata from the same source so it's not surprising that they are similiar.

Tohei Sensei came up with the second 22 jo kata we do that starts out and ends in a similar fashion to the first that he attributes to O-sensei but is very different otherwise.

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