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Re: Understanding fascia and tensegrity

In response to your advanced or basic question. I think its really both. Everyone can start this type of training. You just need someone who can do it -to teach it to you. IMHO the bulk of the work is you on your own away from distractions. The purity of your work really becomes self evident and transparent to everyone. If you notice -everyone who has written in-sort of checks their ego at the door. You work your ass off-ever sweat standing still?-then realize after a few years you still suck. It has it's own way of reminding you how much work you have to do.

You asked about videos on the Baseline skills thread. Utter waste of time I think. Hell I have trouble with folks standing in front of me what the hell am I going to accomplish on a video. I ain't no movie star or Budo teacher, nor do I aim to be anytime soon I'd say trust what everyone is telling about the videos being a waste of time for you. They are.

Just try to imagine everything in your body being connected by a flexible sheath. Try to imagine that you can control it's movement and have it make connections inside you that cause large body responses to input. Whether it be a wide spread load dispersal receiver, or a highly focused current of power- it involves trained tendon/fascia/bone/muscle. There are many things that can be discussed. How it engages, what controls it, and what is actually changing in you, why can it be moved and felt. Why you can grab someone and instantly know if they are working the right things or not. Why this work -IS- Aikido- every wrist grab (training or waza) it inherited from Daito ryu. Why wrist grabs had meaning for training as in you grab my wrist I absorb you and control you with my whole body or part of it, (my choice) and moving my hara can and will move you. This is.....NOT.......the same as Aikido people moving THEIR whole body all over the place to make someone else move!! Tenkan is a wast of time. Standing in the same spot and making them fly across YOU because they grabbed your wrist...isn't. That is a simple exercise in moving your fascia with your center while standing still and they feel compelled and drawn to to be uprooted and moved across you. That degenerated into them grabbing tough and remaining standing and you moving around them (tenkan)...bleck. it will only teach low level stuff not even worth learning IMO.
Speaking of which you can clearly demonstrate just how connected someone is by what they are doing with their center, what it effects and what it is connected too. watched a taiji copy his teachers "moving belly" motions, really really well. The only problem was the students center wasn't connected to anything to move in the first place. Still looked cool though. In short if you haven't trained your body to move as a whole, you're not going to get by pretending it is. To this day I yell at my self for slacking off. And I train in one form or another everyday. I believe fascia/tendon work takes intention and attention on a regular basis.
We can talk all day about what is connected to what and how to manipulate it, but it's rather pointless. I get folks to start by doing certain things and then build other connections later on.

The real trick is to let go of fighting people and working on maintaining your own structure. It is the main reason this training is tailor made fr any grappling situation. You structure has nothing to do with your uke- it is your own. His trying to manipulate your structure, reveals the holes in his own-particularly if he is using muscle, and all the while you get to stay on your feet and more or less feel indifferent and still "ready to go." If that sounds like granola-crunchy aikido -just think of a judoka working on maintaining a viable posture while under pressure from an intent opponent, it much the same idea just using a whole new set of skills to do it. The advantages are ; that the opponents attacks make more openings for you to counter than a more typical judo /jujutsu shia. Their attempts typically leave them a sweaty mess with an internal player far more relaxed. The reasons for this are to do with the use of Tendon.fascia and the connections they both make and then support in a trained man. Overall I would say it makes a man harder to read, harder to counter, much more powerful to deal with, the strikes and kicks more damaging, and the training makes you healthier.

To counter all the hype, anyone can be knocked out and anyone can be caught. This training just makes you a far better you, no matter what venue you choose to use it in,MMA, BJJ, Jujutsu, Daito ryu, Aikido, or no fighting at all.

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