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Re: "Forget the bouquet: Bride tosses groom"

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Posted 2007-07-16 09:13:07 by Jun Akiyama
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Here's an article about an aikido wedding entitled "Forget the bouquet: Bride tosses groom" that starts out, "Some people throw rice at weddings. Barbara Stanton, 48, threw her groom over her shoulder and slammed him down. Hard. Unfazed, Jonathan Klopp, 53, jumped up and flipped his black-belt bride onto her back."

I've so far known a few couples who have been involved in aikido/budo weddings. Do any of you know such couples, or have you yourself had an aikido wedding ceremony?

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Congratulations, Jonathan!

One of my seniors in Japan married in a ceremony that involved changing into dogis and performing Aikido on each other. They had met at the dojo. He was American, she was Japanese, and much of the dojo was invited. I wasn't there for this (as it was before I joined the dojo), but I did see the pictures.

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