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Re: What is correct maai?

John Matsushima wrote: View Post
I have heard or read many times that weapon practice is great for practicing correct maai, but what is correct maai?
Yes, it is. I actually wrote about this in another thread: I freely admit that I'm no expert, just John Q. Aikidoka who's in the kyu-level. However, my limited experiences have taught me that maai is dynamic and an interpersonal interaction. It's not fixed or static...your attacker determines maai. The bokken helps the Aikidoka better visualize proper maai. It's a piece of wood, fine. If someone swings it hard enough, it can become a blunt weapon and shatter bones. Visualizing it as a live blade dramatically improves your maai don't want to get cut, do you? The same goes with dealing with a striker or a grappler. Your attacker wants to close the distance so he can strike or clinch and do a takedown...maai is not letting him close that distance. Yes, it works in real life...lots of Aikidoka have, and quite successfully. You just need training partners who are willing to make committed attacks (as in range of motion and realistic trajectory...not intensity). Also, maai and tai sabaki go hand in hand. Can't have one without the other.

Lynn Seiser wrote: View Post
Correct maai for what? As you stated, it tends to change.
Exactly. It's dynamic and situation-dependent.

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
I like to refer to the experts.

Maai by Diane Skoss
Excellent article. Glad you posted the link!

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