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Re: What is correct maai?

From what I understood, is the distance at which you can deliver the technique staying within your own space (or on posture/balanced what ever you chose to call that) and at which it is difficult or you opponent to counter (grab or strike efficiently).
Basically it varies with what you do (ie technique) and with weapons.
So I would say ma ai is the right distance for what we are doing.

The proper ma ai with the broken can not be the same as with open hand (other wise you would never touch each other). However you can transpose that distance to open hand.

If we take the fist boken awasai and its variation you can either cut the hand or the hand and then hand.
We both start in a bind (sword crossed) and we rise at the same, he cut and we counter cut him as a one time defence.
Obviously the distance from your opponent will vary but our ma ai stayed constant.
We remained at the same distance of our target be it the hand or the head


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