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Bruce Baker
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Blurred lines

The longer I do Aikido, go to seminars, and visit other dojo's, the more blurred the exact lines between Martial arts become.

I see big circles being turned into small circles, judo/jujitsu/ karate being added to attacks or introduced as advanced techniques, and I meet more and more people who are adding other MA's to their Aikido?

Let's see.. I have that quote here somewhere.

Interview with O'Sensei and Kisshomaru Ueshiba, and it says quote," ... there is aiki in judo, too, since in judo you synchonize yourself with the rhythm of your opponent. If he pulls, you push, if he pushes, you pull. You move him according to this principle and make him lose his balance and then you apply your technique." ( More toward the grappling art I would say.)

It continues with, " In Aikido, there is absolutely no attack. To attack means that the spirit has already lost/ We adhere to the principle of absolute non-resistence, that is to say, we do not oppose the attacker. Thus there is no opponent in Aikido."

Of course this is the self being able to draw upon the clarity of mind, and spirit of power within the universe beyond physical strength.

If that is found within other means, such as greater force causing the conflict to cease, then that will be the way. But if you are getting into a spitting contest of Aikido people fighting for the bragging rights as the baddest MA in the land, it ain't gonna happen if you are doing Aikido.

O'Sensei quote:"The ultimate goal of aiki is the creation of heaven on earth. In any case, the entire world must be in harmony. Then we do not have a need for atomic and hydrogen bombs. It can be a comfortable and pleasant world."

It is a pity that our later generations still seek to prove their prowess and not secure the peace through strength and knowledge.

I see it as my turn to stand up and say," Hey, leave the kid alone." like some people did for me when I was a kid. It is just easier when you have the tools to stand up to bullys than try to bluff without them. Aikido is one tool.
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