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Re: Understanding fascia and tensegrity

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Correct. Uke is forced to go because of something he initiated. What I was referring to was from a "just beginning" POV. Obviously, if you are better than uke at equalizing yourself, then uke will likely be forced to go as soon as he tries to initiate something. If uke is better, then maybe you will be forced to go. If you are both equally good, then the first one to "lose" it may be forced to go.

If that makes sense?
Yea, more like, Tori is only Tori so long as he's able to actually neutralize Uke. If Uke is better, just switch the names around, as tori lands on his ass

I believe this is the way they practiced in Sagawa's dojo as well with respect to Kokyu-ho/Agete. One person holds down, the other tries to raise. Technically the Uke is the one holding down. But if Tori can't affect Uke's structure, he quickly becomes Uke.
Really the names are subjective, since both people are really working on the same things but from different perspectives/roles.
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