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I'm of the scientific mindset. In order for me to fully understand and believe it, it must be demonstrated/proven to me beyond all doubt. I've read and heard stories of pressure point techniques and how devastating they can be. However, I've not seen any solid proof, if you will, that these techniques actually work on everyone, every time.

Aikido's basic foundation lies in body movement and redirection of attack, these principles work on everyone, every time, regardless of physical makeup. I like to stick with what I know works, for me.

Now, for everyone else. Mr. Baker has tried to "educate" us on the idea of pressure point training in Aikido. Many of us are the non-believing kind (like me), but we should try to be more accepting. Some folks (and this is not a sly towards you, Mr. Baker) tend to become fascinated with the "touch of death" techniques they read about and hear stories about. I say let them believe what they want.

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