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Re: Understanding fascia and tensegrity

How I would train "it", is slowly and gently. Uke is there to help provide bio-feedback. It is not a contest of strength or you trying to "do something" to uke.
But Mike says that uke is forced...

...the essential idea is not really just the "blending" of technique, it's the instantaneous and automatic (mushin) adjustment of your ki so that there is a resultant direction Uke is forced to go because of something he initiated himself.
I've followed a lot of these threads but I'll do some of your suggested reading and look for the youtube clips and check back.

I've experienced the sort of things you speak of including stuff much like the previous Shioda clip, so I'm not a complete newb or non-believer. I have some background in aikido and various other arts and I also know someone who does Daito Ryu, although I haven't run into him in a little while he could do amazing things after just a few years in Japan. His perspective on these internal things seemed a bit different from either the usual aikido view or what you guys have been suggesting though. I'm just always trying to learn more.

I'm not in Colorado very often these days, and even then, I believe that Mike is a bit south and quite out of my way.

Gracias anyhow,

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