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You can spend years learning, through painstaking trial and error, all the possible pressure points on the human body and how to effectively attack them.

Or you can buy a hammer. Then every place you touch is a pressure point. A hammer doesn't require a list of spots to hit, isn't dependent on the time of day, and its use tends to be instinctive with most primates. We can have interesting discussions about our style's preferences for ball peen vs. claw or about who has the biggest sledge.

There are an almost infinate variety of ways to hurt people . I say "almost" because most of them have already been used by somebody, somewhere. I don't study Aikido to add to that pile of pain, but to learn how to rise out of it.

Budo isn't about finding the best way to hurt people; thermonuclear war has pretty much covered that. It's about finding ways of living with people.

Jim Baker
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