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Re: Understanding fascia and tensegrity

Al Gutierrez wrote: View Post

I'll buy the explanation of "fundamental skills" = baseline skills. That works better for me than "basic".

I've seen the videos of Shioda. I understand your bike tire analogy and I guess that works in a vague way, but I was hoping for an example of how you train to "pack your breath" or "twist and wind" as you say, (exactly what/how?) and then an application of that skill to a simple technique.

This is a baseline skill you guys are asserting, yet it's too complicated to explain - I understand it has to be shown - so would someone please post a video of themselves explaining, teaching, and doing it and not simply point to Ueshiba, Shioda or CXW? You don't have to be a master, just show how you train it and how you apply it.

Thanks for the responses so far.

A. G.
See the "Training for Martial Movement" in the training section. It has an overview of what needs to be stabilized/conditioned before you even get into the breathing aspect.

Anyways I see you're in Colorado...why not go see Mike
It would shortcut hours of trying to figure this stuff out on your own.
Btw, I have some youtube vids up of myself at various points in time doing the exercises we do at Aunkai, so you can see how the movement changes over time.
(god did i suck 2 years back...and I know Im going to say the same thing 2 years later )
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