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Bruce Baker
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Thank you all so much for telling me a steel boat can't float and your theorizing from you practical experience .... Blah, blah, blah, too...

For those of you in the east Near NY-NJ, your actual opportunity to go and disprove what you preach by either visiting Mark Kline at State of the Arts in Piscataway outside New Brunswick NJ or Go to Kyusho forum on line. I am tired of being mugged, verbally ...

If you can read emotions into words, then you are better than I, they are just words formed to become meaning to me.

(I try to write what I am thinking while remembering,".. we dislike the things we dislike most in ourselves when we meet others." Reread your comments and see if they are valid with this thought, then consider being more tolerant ... grown up.)

As for Pressure points working or not working, I wouldn't mix prescription medicines either, That knowledge is beyond me... although I still take aspirin and all forms of natural herbal treatments I do understand? It is amazing what a little knowledge will do to make something more understandable.

As for the cute picture, that had to do with a hermit who wants to be alone< "... get out here kid, the world is flat ... here's a coupon for free breakfast at the casino ... HIT THE ROAD!"

Of course, as we all get along in experience, we will either stagnate, or continue to learn, prove, disprove, and finally share or not share what we have learned ... I believe I have laid upon the table a choice for all to enlighten your knowledge and Aikido practice, as it has mine.

Whether you pursue this, clinically, scientifically, or thump your chest like a bible thumper at the "Scopes Monkey Trial" Swearing Darwin's theory of Evolution is blasphemy to the Bible ... that is your own journey? Although, I would hope that the representation of those writing in threads is a bit more open minded.

Consider ... nearly every teacher of Aikido tries or does another MA, why go some where else if everything is in one Art? (It isn't.)

You will never truly appreciate the safe aspect of practicing Aikido until you learn what is out there that can hurt you ... your mommy/daddy, or you sensei ain't always gonna be there to help you. You might actually have to learn on your own. Thanks All, for your input.
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