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Re: Understanding fascia and tensegrity

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Is this "essential idea" done intentionally or not? Tohei says the mind leads the body. Here you said the ki is adjusted automatically without thought (mushin), elsewhere you speak of directing forces with your mind, which is it? If this is basic how do you that?

Could you expand a bit on just how you "adjust your ki instantly & automatically so that uke is forced to go because of something he intitiated himself"? Can you give some examples of 1.) how do you train to develop this ability? And 2.) how you would actually use it in a technique like say aidori ikkyo or katate dori shihonage?
Dont have time to shed light on all the questions.
But as far as the mushin questions, thats easy.
Basically youre rewiring your nervous system, so in training your *yi* or mind will be in overdrive, just like Tohei says.
But when you go for real theres no time to be goin *so my mind leads the "qi" to the hand annnnddd oh look, theres a foot headed towards my head*

Training this ability depends on whatever exercise you prefer, for me its Cross, Shiko, and Body axis training with some Hsing-I five elements thrown in for good measure. (Ever wonder why the chinese do these movements super slow?)

Another point though is that, when you "fight" someone else, all you do is try to maintain your equilibrium. Dan has said this before as well. Its all about "you" and you alone. You have no time to be worrying about your opponent and setting him up really.
So as you "equalize" your body and consequently neutralize your opponent, youre automatically adjusting your "ki" with respect to your "opponent".
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