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Thumbs down Thanks George!

An exception to this is training with a peer when you have a mutual understanding that giving each other a hard time is for your mutual benefit. It's a kind of Aiki weight lifting. Your partner supplies resistance so that you can get stronger and then you do the same for him.
Thanks George! This is exactly how I feel about resisting a technique, however, I couldn't word it properly in my original post, and I was too angry at the time. Thanks for wording it for me!

My uncooperative "buddy" is still up to his same old tricks, the only difference now (I'm reiterating my last post) is MY attitude, I refuse to allow HIS ego affect my training. I am not training in aikido for the someone else. I am training for my own betterment, and I am now thankful I've met this guy now, rather than later. Just the attitude adjustment it has forced me to make within myself has been worth it. Don't get me wrong I still will avoid training with him if possible for the reasons I've already outlined and another I just realized last class: he won't ukemi when a technique is applied. For example, sankyo, he will not tap when it hurts and I have no desire to be the one to inflict a fracture or worse a spiral francture on someone that refuses to protect himself, so I back off, and accept the ungracious ribbing about my strength, manhood, whatever. I've accepted the fact that this guy probably won't change, and its not my job to try and change him (that's his girlfriend's problem), so I try to blend. He is helping me in my aikido, just not in the physical (technique?) part.


To secure ourselves against defeat lies in our own hands, but the opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself. - Sun Tzu
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