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Re: Understanding fascia and tensegrity

Al Gutierrez wrote: View Post
Basic to what Mike? Doesn't "basic" somewhat depend upon the relative skill level of the person? In other words, to an untrained, unskilled person, what is basic may be simply pushing and pulling with normal muscle strength.
Well, it's not that hard to have someone doing a few basic movements "with ki" on a first day meeting, in my opinion. That's a start; the basics. The core technique of "aiki" is going to be built around ki, when it's done correctly. I personally don't see any big problem with delineating ki/jin skills as "basic". But it would probably have to be shown to you in order for you to appreciate the perspective.
Am I wrong to think that basic really involves more 'external' skills - like taisabaki, skeletal alignment, posture, and form? And the 'internal' body skills mentioned here and elsewhere in these discussions (such as the baseline skills thread) are really more advanced?
I would argue that each one of those things (taisabaki, posture, etc.) can be done 2 ways: with or without ki abilities. I think the ki abilities should come first or at least concurrently. Tohei apparently thinks the same thing, BTW.
Since when did utilizing subtle and sophisticated conditioning of the fascia through secret breathing techniques, mental imagery and/or mentally spreading and directing forcepaths throughout the soft tissues of the body via the tensegrity-like structure of fascia in order to resist pushing from any direction become basic, baseline skills?
I dunno.... ever been at a dojo and the instructor wanted to do some misogi breathing so they booted out the new guys? Doesn't happen. Anyone can do those kinds of exercises, IMO. Once in a blue moon I'll do a freebie meeting with an older group that just wants a soft but beneficial exercise and I'll teach them a basic, helpful, and non-mysterious form of that same breathing approach.
So the 'essential' idea is really training/conditioning of the fascia to adjust the supporting tensegrital (?) or soft tissue structure of the body automatically in such a way as to blend with and repel the opponents attack? How is it that this "essential idea" is only sometimes or less often the means of blending with an attack than an actual technique is? What did you mean by that?

Is this "essential idea" done intentionally or not? Tohei says the mind leads the body. Here you said the ki is adjusted automatically without thought (mushin), elsewhere you speak of directing forces with your mind, which is it? If this is basic how do you that?

Could you expand a bit on just how you "adjust your ki instantly & automatically so that uke is forced to go because of something he intitiated himself"? Can you give some examples of 1.) how do you train to develop this ability? And 2.) how you would actually use it in a technique like say aidori ikkyo or katate dori shihonage?
Eek! Answering those kinds of questions would take more writing time than I have this morning, Al, since I'm packing for a flight this afternoon. Get Dan to answer you.

Besides, I think I've answered most of your questions in various posts to AikiWeb over recent years, so it would be redundant. PM me and maybe I can point you to where some of these things are written out and discussed.


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