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Re: Understanding fascia and tensegrity

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A few thoughts, comments and questions:

All this talk about fascia makes sense to me regarding the traditional notions of ki/kokyu in Japanese budo; at least to the extent that ki & kokyu are both part of aikido.

It seems to me that the skills talked about in this thread are perhaps really more "advanced skills". Mike & Dan are arguing that they were part of Aikido or should be the baseline skills upon which aikido ought to operate - but have become lost or obscured - or "hidden in plain sight" as Ellis muses in his series of blogs. Why were they hidden? Why do you guys think they should be the "baseline" and not the advanced ideal for which we all should aim?

Hmmm ... maybe look at it this way. You have basic skills, advanced skills, and then you have baseline skills. Basic skills could be things like simple body structure. While baseline skills could be the underlying skills that an art is taught from, or the foundation.

So, fascia manipulation can actually be a more advanced skill, but it still can be a baseline skill for aikido. Does that make sense? Body structure (as talked about in the baseline skills thread) can be a basic skill but also a baseline skill for aikido.

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