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Re: Make spiritual side part of my training

Well I do consider myself a counter fighter maybe because of the influence aikido teaching had on me growing up and reading many books on the subject. I suppose I just enjoy the evolution of my skill that comes through hours of practice sweat and perseverance. Eventually a very unique expression of myself is manifested in my movements. I've found that many of the people getting involved in BJJ didn't come from a traditional martial arts background so there was no spiritual side to what they were learning. Therefore, a lot of them are just coming into the dojo to learn how to hurt people. The thing I learned that I especially liked about aikido was that the ultimate aim of it was to subdue the opponent without causing physical harm to him.. That is my ultimate aim eventually with my jiu jitsu practice and hope that one day many years from now it will be the main objective of my students. I'm very far off from being able to teach but hope to educate my students in the more spiritual side of the martial arts.
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